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sushant singh rajput

2020 has been the year of unexpected tragedies. While we are all dealing with the ongoing crisis and, the demise of superstars Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan, another bollywood stars left this world. Young and talented Bollywood actor sushant singh rajput death was  at his Mumbai residence. Police are investigating The cause of death, but it is suspected to be a suicide death.

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The news comes days after his former manager Disha Salian died in Mumbai after falling off a high-rise building in Mumbai’s. In fact, Sushant had posted a heartfelt note after Disha’s death. We don’t know what caused Sushant to commit suicide Some say its financial problems. There are also threads on Twitter, which tells that Sushant was pushed down in Bollywood due to Nepotism.

On the other hand, I saw many commenting that only weak people commit suicide and Sushant has a behavior issue that caused him to lose movie offers.

Note that no one was able to talk about this unexpected demise of Sushant until yesterday. But now, they know everything.

I am not here to lecture anyone, but knowing what caused Sushant to commit suicide is not help you in any way. So we shouldn’t waste our time on speculating and judging him.

However, there are a few things that we can learn from this incident and I am going to present three of them briefly here.

1. Material success is never sufficient to make you happy. Sushant is a self-made Bollywood star. Before that, he was a famous TV actor. He was also very good at school and he scored all Indian 7th rank in AIEEE. None of it helped to protect him from this sad end. What we surely can learn from his story is that: we should base our happiness, not on the external world, and rely on inner happiness. It doesn’t matter how much we progress in our careers without having peace of mind. So make sure you take a break from your work life and take care of your mental health.

2: Depression.

Depression is not just feeling low and it cannot be cured so easily. Unlike most beliefs, depression is also not just a mental problem.

In fact, studies show that depression can be correlated to clear physical changes in the brain. So don’t undermine the pain and severity of the depression. Only people who suffer it can realize how bad it could

  •           Also, note that no amount of self-control may be able to cure it. So when someone you know is suffering from it does not just give a pep talk and expect them to be normal the next day. Just like other illnesses, people in depression need professional medical help.

3) The third point I am going to talk about is for those who are feeling depressed Do not commit suicide. Do whatever you want and can but do not end your life. Simply because there is no way to reverse that action. I know it may seem that you have no other options and all the doors are closed for you, but you never know. Things can change anytime and miracles do happen. If you see around the world or read history, you will find thousands of cases where someone who lost everything still managed to recover. Just keep fighting.

Consult a doctor, do meditation, and find a person to share your feelings.

Just sharing and discussing suicidal thoughts reduces the tendency of suicide. So share your feelings with your closed ones. If you have nobody to share, there are helplines for Indians who are suffering. Also remember it is not your fault. Don’t be ashamed thinking depression is a sign of weakness. It is a medical condition. Similar to Asthma and fever. You don’t blame yourself for getting a fever. So don’t blame yourself if you are depressed.


Finally, we won’t be able to bring Sushant singh rajput death  back but we can protect people we know from going in his path. So observe your relatives to find signs of depression and make sure your children and family are having a balanced life for good mental and physical health.


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