how many backlinks do you need to rank

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how many backlinks do you need to rank

how many backlinks do you need to rank

How to build a suitable site (and stop worrying about link structure). Here’s one to cover. Do you always need backlinks to post? How to create content that attracts backlinks. And finally, the “secret” referred to in getting many backlinks do you need to rank. So let’s go!

Part # 1. Do you always need backlinks to post? This is a hostile question to answer. So let’s start with a few points.

Fact # 1: Google’s Andrey Lipattsev revealed that backlinks are one of Google’s top three brands;

Fact # 2: Most professionals agree for SEO is that it can’t be placed on Google without backlinks.

Fact # 3: There were a few SEO search engines that showed a significant association between the number of backlinks on a page and the position of that page in Google search results.

how many backlinks do you need to rank

In the past, we even made our links here at Ahrefs. We analyzed the search results of nearly two million queries and found that back-up items correspond to Google’s position much better than anything else. Even the use of a keyword, header, or actual content for that page has a weak link.

 So, it seems like everything is on the back burner, doesn’t it? In that case, though, why did the ⅓ SEOs in my poll vote that you could rank in Google without a backlog? That is because the question itself is tricky. Can you get into a position on Google without backlinks? This is not a “Yes or No” question. 

how many backlinks do you need to rank

The only correct answer here is “to.” So let me explain what has caused such diversity in a good example. I’m a big fan of the video game Callout, and I also have a bad habit of researching anything and everything that happens at Ahrefs. 

So when I found out there was Wikipedia for everything Fallout, I naturally dropped it to Ahrefs to see what was going on there. It turns out that this website generates over 20 million visits from Google every month! Which is a really impressive number. So the next two things I wanted to find out were: 

How many pages are responsible for this transaction? And how many full backlinks do they have? I see the website link number on the right with the Site Explorer tool overview report. It means 7,500. And to see the number of pages that bring traffic from the search I need a Top Pages report, which can be found in the Organic search section. It breaks down into the US, so I browse all over the world and find over 65,000 pages generating search traffic on this website.

how many backlinks do you need to rank
how many backlinks do you need to rank

So what do we have here? Over 65,000 pages have traffic search, And websites only link to 7,500. Do you see where I’m going with this? By looking at these two numbers you can see that there is no way that all pages with traffic have backlinks, right? Let’s see if that’s right. I’m going to search for pages about Call out bobble head stats (because I have a few at my work desk).

 As you can see from the RDs column, most of their pages have 0 websites to link to, and yet they get thousands of visitors to start searching. So we just found some evidence that you can use the motor drum without backlinks? Well … Yes and no. There are three things where they allow available pages to get a ton of traffic without having to look back.

how many backlinks do you need to rank

First, there is just a lack of competition. The amount of content available on Google by the topic of the Fallout bobblehead statistics is very small. When I type “the out 4 intelligence bobblehead” into Google, it will come back with only 1,500 results. 

That is nothing! It means that only a few pages on the whole internet mean this thing. Try another topic, like “Keyword research” forex sampling, and you’ll get 450,000 results. Second, the top-level pages give them any backward reference. 

Let’s put “fallout 4 intelligence bobblehead” in Ahrefs’s Keywords Explorer and see how many of the 10 backstage effects you have. The “SERP overview” report shows me that 8 of the top 10 pages have 0 backlinks. This means that the correct page quality has a good chance of ranking for this keyword with or without pointing it back. And finally, the third point. All top 10 results with high Domain levels.

how many backlinks do you need to rank

See the DR Column? It represents the Domain Rate and shows the average backlink profile of each website. Top pages don’t have a backlink that points directly to them. But websites are designed for most backlinks. And in that case, the weakest DB is 68.

Which means that these top sites are all very strong websites. And if your website’s Domain Rating is much weaker than that, you will likely be able to opt-out of them. Unless, of course, your page has a few backlinks that point directly to it.

 Like that place, I’m sure you’ve noticed. The domain average for this website is only 59, which is much weaker than 68, especially considering that the Ahrefs DR ratio is logarithmic. However, that page has 9 backlinks from 4 different websites, allowing it to be featured on sites with the highest Domain value. 

And besides, that page is completely unrelated to our search query. I meant that the search query directly asked “intelligence bobblehead” while that page was referring to “bobblehead areas”. So how is it possible for a completely incorrect page to be linked to a search query? Yes, because it has backlinks than other pages that send a signal to Google that this page must be very important. 

And I think this is a very good illustration of how backlinks help you organize on Google and get search traffic. To wrap everything up very quickly. To have your page featured on Google without backlinks, three requirements must be met: First, there should be a shortage of pages on that topic on Google. Second, the top 10 pages of that keyword should have backlinks pointing to it. 

how many backlinks do you need to rank

Third, the Domain Rating for your website should be higher or at least compared to the Domain Rating for top websites. I balance things a bit, but you get a general idea, don’t you? And in fact, it is unlikely that a well-known search query with good business ability can meet all three requirements. 

So in the majority of cases, you’ll need backlinks that point directly to your page, to reach Google. And if you are deciding to target some “unattractive” topics where high-quality pages have no backlinks to point to, you still need a good Domain rating. This shows that your website has accumulated enough so-called “link juice” that can be redirected to other pages via an internal link. 

And the natural question that comes at this time is: How do I optimize my Domain Rating or Domain Authority for my website so that pages with no post-meal features will still rank well on Google and generate traffic search? Well, all you need to do is create content that will attract the majority of backlinks so you can enjoy the “link juice” from these pages to the pages you are struggling to find link links within the links. At SEO we call this type of content “accessible content,” or “link content,” or “relevant content pages,” or “affiliate assets.” All these words mean more or less the same. And the next section of this lesson is about that.


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