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Trace any phone location without touching it.

Today I will tell you how to find any phone location free without touching victim phones or without any paid software. You just need to follow all instructions carefully. I will discuss trace location and about victim phone and also in which device is victim using during that process.

It is not possible to track the location of the mobile number directly using any tool, or other existing applications. Any tool will display only a circle of the mobile number registered for the first time. Typically, a person will register a SIM in their region, the tool is very accurate in tracking the location of a mobile phone number.

It is not possible to track a city, region, address, or other information of the country or the name of the person who uses a mobile phone number as a storage area.


Grabify is a web-based (Assuming IP just as it means to get/hold IP addresses of people.) with jLynx that can be accessed from any browser. Although you do not need to sign up for an account to use Grabify, it’s free, and there are some other options are available, after that there is. If you like Grabify, like other projects jLynx, so make sure to check their website.

Today we find any phone location free by using this grabify website. its help to trace any phone location of the victim and also give lots of information about victim device.

I chose Grabify for its simplicity and precision point design. 

How to use Grabify to know someone’s location?

1. Choosing a link

  • Get a link to any fun topic that you are sure your friend won’t refuse to visit.
  • Choose any valid link, but to be more successful you should aim for links that match a common subject to the victim.

2. Create a Tracking URL

  • Refer to Grabise and paste the link in the box that says “Enter a URL or tracking code” you have seen this on the homepage.
  • Click “Create URL”. You should see a link that asks you to agree to their terms of use, you have to click and agree. If your URL was successfully created, you should now be redirected to a new information page.

3. Configuring the link

In this new page, there are a few custom templates can do on your link and you get your craft may be your knowledge of a few technologies and URL.

Assuming the link you provide is valid, a URL is created, and now is its time to stop link formation.

Choose a domain name to fit the last link a victim will see, you can also select extensions or send a google-like URL. The link you choose to send us an issue, all doing the same job.

4. Results

Once victim click on your link this data will store in your logs and there is the whole process is completely done .now just go to the logs and check out the victim information.

    5. Smart Logger Feature.

    This new feature introduced is grabiting to provide more information about your victims. Such details include, targeting of your target service, its charging status, percentage of battery, the GPU of his device when he or she receives a link above Tor exit point when accessing the top of the VPN, and all cool information. You may want to open it.

    1. Phone model name 
    2. browser name
    3. a victim IP address (location)
    4. the victim internet connections 
    5. operating system version.

    so here we can find any phone location free and lots of technical stuff.


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