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PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE Grounds (PUBG) is a competitive shooting rifle that was officially developed/published by Bluehole. PUBG is now being developed by PUBG Corp, a subsidiary of Bluehole in partnership with Brendan Greene as Creative Director, PUBG is Greene’s first venture. Lets  knows about  snipe like a pro in pubg.

Players are thrown into a wide, open space, and have to fight to the death – all while the battlefield slows down, adding pressure on all of them in their quest. Use various fun weapons and vehicles within BATTLEGRoundS. Your character can only carry a limited amount of gear, so there are some important questions to ask whenever you find new things. will you be able to get ammo with a 12 gauge rifle? “

PUBG Mobile is working on Unreal Engine 4, with players taking the War Royale experience on a map called “Erangel, Mad Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok.”

Time To Become a Pro Sniper in PUBG Mobile

1. we have to know about damage of all sniper rifles.

  • Kar98K head injury:
  • No helmet: One gun kills
    Level 2 helmet: One gun kills
    the level  3 helmet: Two shots
  • M24 head injury:
  • No helmet: One gun kills
    Level 2 helmet: One gun kills
    the level  3 helmet: Two shots
  • AWM head injury:
  • No helmet: One gun kills
    Level 2 helmet: One gun kills
    level  3 helmet: One-shot.

Kar98K Body Damage:

No Clothes: Two Shot And Killed
Level 1 Armor: Two Shoots And Kill
Level 2 Armor: Two Shot Dead
Level 3 Armor: Three Shots And Kill

M24 Body Damage:

No Clothes: Two Shot And Killed
Level 1 Armor: Two Shots And Kill 

Level 2 Armor: Two Shots And Kill

Level 3armor: Three Shoots And Kill

AWM Body Damage:

No Costumes: One-Shot
Level 1 Armor: Two Shoots And Kill
Level 2 Armor: Two Shots And Kill

Level 3 Armor  Two Shot And Killed

2. equipped your Sniper

Attachments provide durability and add to the overall strength of the weapon, so it’s important to look for the right attachment for your sniper rifle. Equipped with a scope sleeping 6X or 8X will help players see and target enemies for longer distances. 

At the same time, the flash hider and suppressor eliminate the muzzle flash, making it impossible for the enemy to find the player, with the suppressor and reducing the sound of the bullets. Continuous Cheek Pad is also an excellent supplement for controlling vertical recoil. With the Kar98K, bullet loops help reduce reloading time to a greater degree.

3. Try To Spot Your Enemies First

Want to be a snipe like a pro in pubg, then, first of all, you should be able to identify your enemies. In that case, it is best to proceed by switching between the sniper and the siren. 

For example, you can use the 3x attachment area to scan this area, because the lower distance gives you a wider view. And after seeing the enemy, you can switch to the sniper to shoot directly.

4. Compensate for Bullet Drop

This doesn’t matter for a short distance, but as you begin to take a long shot with your sniper rifle, you’ll have to resort to a drop of ammunition. This is difficult, and requires practice.

Different guns have different droplets. For example, the Kar98k and M24 are both rifles that use 7.62mm ammo, but the ammunition in the Kar 98k is much higher than the M24.

You want to snipe like a pro in pubg, choose your favorite snapshots and practice. A well-built exercise room is great for this.

5. Use Peek and Fire

The useful movement option in PUBG Mobile – Peeking – is not enabled by default. While this helps in all kinds of things, swiping is one area where photography really helps.

Enable Peek functionality by going to Settings and enabling ‘Peek and Fire’ in Basic Settings.

This is useful when taking cover behind trees or rocks as you can look at your enemy without exposing your entire body as a target.

6. If You Miss A Shot

If you shoot a player with a sniper and they don’t die, you should consider changing your assault rifle, especially if it is 200 feet.It’s faster to swap your gun and finish the player with 1 or 2 bullets than waiting for your character to reload your shoot and zoom in again.

You shoot the player and miss, you can continue using your sniper. The main purpose of using a sniper on PUBG Mobile is to reduce their health enough so that you or your team and team can eliminate the kill with 1 or 2 shots of assault rifle.

7. Keep Moving

In order to connect every shot, players must try to predict enemy movement. In addition, looking at the head is important as it greatly helps the injury.

It is very clear that swiping is not an easy task, but with practice, proper attachments, and proper adjustment, any player can be considered snipe like a pro in pubg.


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